HellDemons: the biggest fantasy vision of all time?


  • Encompassing four generations
  • Spanning  thousands of years
  • Five sagas
  • The eight battles of HellDemons
  • The three High Fantasy novels of Gods of War
  • Eleven films (HellDemons and Gods of War)
  • Three television series (can’t reveal details yet)
  • Arguably the biggest fantasy vision ever at conception stage.


HellDemons: a brand new fantasy entity

There have been demons before but never have there been demons like this.

Most fantasy entities are endlessly recycled: zombies, vampires, dragons, dwarves, witches, warlocks. You’ve seen them all before.

HellDemons are the first new original supernatural entity since flesh-eating zombies munched their way into our hearts and brains in the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead – these being a mutation from an earlier vegetarian species.

Virtually any fantasy saga you can think of has a Western mythic background (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Narnia, etc.).

HellDemons has an Eastern mythic background.The demons come from Naraka  – the Eastern version of hell – where the worst of souls go to suffer for their bad karma so they can become light enough to resume normal reincarnations.

This completely new mythic background is one key reason why HellDemons have given birth to a completely new  and fresh fantasy universe.

Eight HellDemons have deserted their posts in Naraka and are hiding amongst us in human form, manipulating the course of mankind….




Follow us to hell and back...

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