The first novel of HellDemons.

Brandi Jones, a 20-year old black woman, comes back to consciousness in hospital. She cannot talk. She cannot see. She cannot move.

She is hit by a blinding flash of pain and recovers a tiny memory of working in the Ciao Bella cafe.

With this jolt of memory comes a small amount of movement in her left hand which enables her to answer questions by writing.

“What day is it?”     Thursday.

“What city are you in?”     L.A.

“What month is it?”     July.

The voices inform her otherwise.

“It’s Friday.”

“You’re in New York.”

“And it’s August.”

Initiation tells the story of how Brandi got to this point in time: the descent into the HellDemons War.


The Four Novels
  1. Initiation
  2. Mission
  3. Subjugation
  4. Resurrection

Initiation covers the battles of Los Angeles and New York.

Mission covers the battles of Las Vegas, Macau and Washington.

Subjugation covers the battles of New Orleans, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Resurrection covers the climactic battles of Rome and Jerusalem.


Follow us to hell and back...

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